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Declare Independence From Your Inner Critic

This week, America will celebrate its independence from being ruled by Great Britain. Since July 4, 1776, it stopped taking orders from that tiny island across the sea.

Although small in size, Great Britain did a lot of damage to colonists in many different ways, but especially through taxation without representation. Really, I’m not here to give you a history lesson. But I do want to compare it to how that tiny, cruel voice inside your head can be doing you a lot of damage.

Does it sometimes feel like a war is taking place inside your head?

You’re not good enough. 💥 Yes, I am.
You’re not smart enough. 💥 Yes, I am.
You’re not attractive. 💥 Yes, I am.
You’re not worthy or deserving. 💥 Yes, I am.


It is like a war. And it’s a war you need to win because it’s sinking your motivation and mental energy. It’s killing your confidence when you’re trying to step up in new and big ways.

Great Britain tried to keep America small, but the colonists’ fighting spirit wouldn’t let it. Will you fight for your right to believe in yourself?


What can you do to win the war against your inner critic?

Here are 3 effective strategies you can put to use right away to shut it up:

1. Identify your triggers and thought patterns.
When do these thoughts arise? What triggers them? Writing them down in a journal can help you keep track of your specific thoughts and identify recurring themes.

2. Fight back against those negative thoughts.
Actions are more powerful than words. Positive affirmations are helpful, but nothing shuts up criticism better than specific real-life examples of how it’s not true. If your thought pattern is that you’re not capable, prove to yourself that you are more capable than you think.

3. Declare independence from that tiny voice inside your head.
Great Britain may not have disappeared, but it no longer controlled the actions of America. I have a negative voice inside my head that likes to pop up when I’m doing something new or facing a challenge. I’ve nicknamed her “The Judge.” She’s there, but I know it’s not who I am. I am separate from The Judge.

Your negative thoughts are not representative of you either, and you don’t have to let them rule how you live your life. When you become independent from this side of you, you will feel greater freedom to go after what you want.


What is your inner critic telling you over and over again?

What action can you take to prove it wrong ?


Winning the war against your inner critic is possible, and it will make your life much easier. Your pursuit of happiness and success are more likely to happen when your confidence isn’t being attacked by your own mind.

Cheers to America’s independence and to yours as well!

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