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79% of employees who quit their jobs cite lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving. On the flip side, 81% of employees say they are motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work. Find out how to prevent disgruntled employees and how to show your staff and co-workers appreciation in the language they want and deserve using the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace framework.

People want to know that who they are and what they do matter, but many employees are starved for appreciation. What’s their response? They give minimal effort or they quit. Learn how businesses can build a culture of appreciation that leads to a more positive work environment, stronger performance, and the long-term retention of talented employees.

Money is not enough. As human beings, we all want and need to experience Belonging, Appreciation, and Meaning at work. Today’s employees demand it or they will walk right out the door. Learn important leadership lessons on how giving BAM in the workplace drives business outcomes and cultivates happy, productive, and loyal employees of all generations.

A great product paired with excellent customer service goes a long way in creating brand loyalty. But they don’t go far enough. Learn how acts of appreciation create deep emotional connections with customers that make it hard for them to imagine doing business with anyone else but you.

Working for free can be one of the best decisions a person makes. How is that possible? It’s because volunteer work can do a better job of providing the experience, skills, and connections needed to succeed in a career. In this presentation, high school students and young professionals will learn how to use volunteer work as a smart career strategy and what three questions they should always ask before volunteering with any organization.

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Diana Rogers Jaeger is an engaging public speaker and an expert in company culture and employee engagement. As a certified facilitator of the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, Diana’s impactful programs help employees create connections with each other that give everyone a better understanding of how to effectively work together.

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