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Talent Optimization & Employee Engagement

The Predictive Index®—get the right people into the right roles.

The Predictive Index Certified Partner

Plan for Success with Talent Optimization

In every organization, results—or lack thereof—are driven by people. Talent optimization is the discipline of using data and analytics to align business strategy to people strategy in order to achieve desired business results. At its core is the collection, analysis, and application of people data. For optimal results, we partner with The Predictive Index®. 

What is the Predictive Index®?

The Predictive Index® (PI®) is a unique blend of assessments and talent management tools that provide the insight you need to drive performance, engage and develop teams, and create alignment. 

We use the Predictive Index® to help your business tackle challenges big and small through a scientifically-backed understanding of your people. By combining our consulting, training, and coaching with The Predictive Index Behavior Assessment and all-in-one talent optimization platform, we leverage data to help our clients effectively manage their human capital investments.

PI’s Behavioral Assessment measures a person’s natural needs and motivational drivers in the workplace. It’s a scientifically validated tool that has been taken by more than 30 million individuals. Business leaders can utilize the data to make more informed and objective decisions regarding hiring, team design, and performance management.

The PI® Talent Optimization Solutions Platform

As a Certified Predictive Index® Partner, we provide client-focused solutions that contribute directly to your company’s financial health by establishing specific goals with outcomes and timing.  

Hire with certainty. Increase your new hire success rate through better fit, performance, and retention.


Supercharge performance management and build a culture of accountability. Perform’s all-in-one platform fits seamlessly into your managers’ day-to-day, combining relationship building and meeting management with goals, feedback, and recognition, to drive performance.


Develop effective leaders. Give your managers the tools to be successful so they can onboard employees, improve relationships, reduce turnover, and empower their team members.


Turn your team into a dream team using data. Discover your teams’ collective strengths and weaknesses, and align their abilities to your business strategy to get exponential returns.


Improve the employee experience using science-backed engagement surveys and action plans. Use Diagnose to find disengagement and fix it—so you can retain your best people.

Diana Knows Engaged Employees Stay Longer

Diana Rogers Jaeger is an expert in company culture and employee engagement and an engaging public speaker. As a certified facilitator of the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, Diana loves working with groups to create engaging team building workshops. 


Her impactful programs help employees create connections with each other that give everyone a better understanding of how to effectively work together.


Working with Diana will get employees excited about putting into action what they learn right away. This won’t be just another workshop they attend and forget.

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