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Find Your Tribe: The Power of Community

It’s hard to feel our best when we feel alone. Loneliness negatively impacts a person’s self-esteem, health, and motivation. On the other hand, being a member of a supportive group of people who get you and accept you can drastically change how you show up in the world.

There is power in finding your tribe.

I was reminded of this truth recently when I signed up for an event with Women Who Explore: Northern Colorado. The group plans a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year that attracts women looking for fun and adventure, and I’ve been a member and attending events for the past two years. This specific event was for a Saturday hike up a mountain followed by a polar plunge in a nearby reservoir.

Let’s get real. Would I have committed to doing a polar plunge in 42-degree water on my own? Definitely not!! It was too scary.

My tribe made me feel safe doing something outside of my comfort zone.

For me, this was an opportunity to face my fear in a safe space. Eleven years ago, I was in freezing water and I hyperventilated and I couldn’t think straight and that horrible experience has been hanging over me ever since. I needed and wanted to face my fear. This was my chance to do it with a group of people who I knew would support me every step of the way.

Not only did they support me, they led by example. I was not alone when I walked in the icy water all the way up to my chin. There were seven of us feeling tingly cold but smiling and laughing. Surprisingly, I got in the water twice because it wasn’t a horrible traumatic experience like I had feared. In fact, that experience turned into a positive memory that replaced my negative one.

A tribe can be an invaluable source of courage and confidence.

They can be your biggest cheerleaders and role models. They will encourage you to try new things and do what brings you joy. I encourage you to keep searching until you find your people. Your tribe is somewhere out there waiting for you.

I found Women Who Explore: Northern Colorado through a Facebook group when I moved to Fort Collins not knowing anyone. You might find your tribe on, through a pickleball league or a volunteer opportunity, at church, or at your gym. Sign up for an activity or join a group that aligns with your values and interest. Introduce yourself, strike up a conversation, and see where it goes!

Finding your tribe will 100% add to the quality of your life.

P.S. If you ever do a polar plunge, taking slow, deep breaths really helps!

What interests do you want to explore or spend more time doing?

What groups exist in your community that are centered around your same interests?

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