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Things to be Thankful for at Work

From a source of stress to a cause for joy, sometimes all we need is a change in perspective. 

That is why Thanksgiving is such a meaningful holiday. It reminds us to give thanks. In our general busyness and full plate of responsibilities at work, it’s easy to forget to do the following:

Be Thankful for the Problems That Create Your Job

Businesses exist to solve problems. While the problems you face at work may frustrate you, they also give you the opportunity to use your specific talents in helping solving them. You add value to your organization and make a difference in the lives of your clients or customers.  

Be Thankful for Your Colleagues

It’s hard to solve problems all by yourself. As the saying goes, “Together Everyone Achieves More.” By working in a team, there is more brain power, more ideas, more creativity, and more support. If you’re lucky, your colleagues also provide you with friendships and fun. Don’t take the people around you for granted.  

Be Thankful for Yourself

Don’t take yourself for granted either. You have a specific combination of strengths, talents and personality traits that only you bring to the table. It could be how you’re amazing at spreadsheets, project management, making people laugh, or something else. Whatever it is, you are a special human being. 
Coaching Question:
What work or life experiences (good or bad) have you had that you’re grateful for?

This question can also be a good ice breaker question to use with your team in your next meeting. Not only will it bring up feelings of gratitude, but it will also help people connect as each person shares their story. 

May your attitude of gratitude make this holiday season even brighter!

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