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Kicking Off the New Year with Employee Engagement

It’s the start of the year, making it the perfect time to start a conversation about employee engagement and what you can do to increase it—starting right now.

After all, the success of your business depends on it.

Research shows the engagement level of employees directly affects the performance and financial health of a company.

Employee engagement is defined as the emotional commitment an employee has to an organization and its goals. Engaged employees care about their work and their company.

Here is what we know based on the research. Employee engagement skyrockets when employees know where a company is headed and its goals for getting there, and they understand how their work supports the company’s goals.

People have an innate desire to have purpose and to know their work has impact and makes a difference.
So what important action steps can you start taking in January to increase employee engagement?

Step 1—Communicate your company’s vision to your entire company

Ideally, this is communicated by your organization’s top leader in a face-to-face setting because it’s  the best way to build trust and because people want to see their leaders in action.

Step 2—Openly discuss your company’s goals and give an update on the progress the company has made

Surveys reveal that one of the biggest concerns employees have is “How is the company doing?”
Be honest. When was the last time you talked to all of your employees about your strategic plan? Was it when it was launched? Was it during the annual meeting last year?

Employees want to know how well the company is meeting its goals, and they want regular updates, not just once a year.

Here’s a tip. When it comes to discussing your company’s goals, make sure you not only communicate the WHAT and the HOW, but also you stress the WHY.

It’s the WHY that connects our heart with our mind. It’s the WHY that inspires and motivates our behaviors.  

Step 3—Tie the individual goals of employees to company goals
Give employees a clear picture of how their day-to-day efforts help the company achieve its goals.
Knowing for a fact their work matters and they’re not just a cog in a wheel creates a deeper level of commitment.

By doing these three action steps, an organization will take giant steps toward making sure their employees are emotionally connected and, therefore, will do everything they can to make sure the organization succeeds.

I challenge you to make THIS the year your company prioritizes employee engagement. A business or organization is nothing without its people.

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